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ARPIONA is the result of my strong collaboration with ACnoises, one of the most creative effects builders.

Basically we’re speaking about 3 independent effects (octa-synth, fuzz and boost) in 1 single pedal, including 5 circuits in total (because 3 additional features) which provide up to 30 different sonic possibilities to the player.

The additional features that this unique noise machine offers are just some of the most exciting aspects: you can add a huge bass boost on fuzz by its relative toggle switch for a real harmonic punch, and/or you can hold the fuzz footswitch to generate an oscillation which is fully interactive since its pitch and frequency’s cut can be both controlled by tweaking the volume/tone pots and selecting the pickups of your guitar. Also, when you engage the boost, you can choose to turn on the noise toggle switch to transform the whole pedal in a super nasty noise machine.

ARPIONA it’s a limited edition product.

It’s a very complex project to build and ACnoises definitely couldn’t keep it in stock regularly, especially maintaining the same quality that they like to offer in every single product.

Only 25 units will be ready to ship by the end of January/beginning of February) but PREORDERS are now live at www.acnoises.com with all the infos and the demo that Xabier Iriondo and Annapaola Martin made just for you (LINK: https://youtu.be/4AE9jWBl6oU).

If you think you’re brave enough to deserve this crazy machine, just be fast: when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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